.Faith Now In Sunrise!

.Faith sunrise phase begins April 27th 2015 and closes June 29 2015.

dot faith web address

Faith is the one undeniable trait common to all religions across the globe. Throughout history, civilisations have been guided by the power of their religions, and at the core of each is an unshakable foundation of faith and this deep-rooted, fundamental conviction in a higher power.

With a completely transparent and memorable domain name, a .FAITH web address shines a beacon on the Internet, drawing global Internet users with an interest in any faith.

Owning a .FAITH domain name will allow you to provide an unrivalled source of information and services for online religious communities within a self-selecting community; increasing website traffic and attracting visitors interested in what you have to say, whether is a message, a question, an event or a revelation.

A .FAITH web address is immediately recognizable, and as a dedicated space for the dissemination of faith-related material and services it will serve as the best source of information for people searching for such content. The use of a .FAITH web address will boost online search results and raise the profile of the website, its owner and their faith.

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