Registry Services

The launch of your gTLD domain will be a global success with us

With the right strategy, timing of outreach to customers, and ensuring global sales – our experts know exactly what matters and will provide their exclusive expertise, services and powerful tools to ensure a perfect market launch.


  • A dedicated promotional page for your new domain suffix
  • Support from your personal account manager
  • Marketing packages individually tailored to your needs
  • Appraisal of your most valuable premium domains

Identify your most valuable domain names

Challenge: How do I find out which of my domains is the most valuable?

Solution: Sedo has an immense wealth of data coupled with scientifically proven methods to quickly and comprehensively conduct domain appraisals providing you with a complete list of the best domains, including their values.

Generate revenue with our auction events

Challenge: How do I achieve a profit with my TLD from the very beginning?

Solution: Sedo will actively advertise your sunrise and landrush phases. This will create awareness for your TLD, increase auction bidders, and achieve higher sales.

Reach the right audience

Challenge: How do I reach the right target group with my new TLD?

Solution: Thousands of marketing experts, tech-savvy decision-makers, and domainers visit our website every day. With a dedicated promotional page, benefits of your TLD are highlighted while registration opportunities and leads are effectively generated.

Place your Premium Domains on the market

Challenge: How do I get as many buyers as possible to see my domain?

Solution: Our international marketplace and our global partner network SedoMLS will reach millions of prospective buyers from all over the world.

Rely on Sedo's power:
Exclusive expertise and global support for marketing and sales

Pre-launch phase: Marketing and generating leads for your new gTLD

Our experts will advise you from the very beginning on all strategic issues for global marketing support – for a perfect market launch of your new gTLD domain.

  • Individual strategic development and global marketing support
  • Determination of your most valuable domains ("Premium list")
  • Sedo experts act as partners available to contact with all questions
  • Individual promotional website to ensure professional
    customer contact

We also have several Registry Sponsorhip Packages available to cater to your individual needs:

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How we get your gTLD in shape for its launch

Premium lists

We use our scientifically sound evaluation process to identify your best domain assets. With this you learn which domains you should bring to the market as well as when, how and at what price.

Marketing support

Together we create a specific marketing strategy tailored to the needs of your gTLD and compile important tools and components to ensure that the right audience is targeted for your gTLD.

Promotional website

Showcase your gTLD in the best light! With our promotional websites, we strategically integrate images, text, and video content you provide into our page template and then use our own marketing channels to advertise the page to the masses.

Point of contact

We know how important it is to have a competent point of contact when launching a new gTLD. Sedo provides a personal and dedicated account manager for all questions involving your new gTLD.

Sunrise and Landrush Phase:
Draw customers and profits from the very beginning

With our extensive selection of special marketing and sales tools you can acquire market shares at a very early point in your launch while expanding your customer base and developing continuous income streams:

  • Closed private auctions for early customer and cash flow generation
  • Broker Service for marketing your new gTLD domains to prospective buyers - even before they become generally available

Generating income streams

General Availability:
Targeting the right customers

Once your gTLD enters its general availability phase, we will gain the interest of potential customers and thus ensure continuous domain registrations.

  • Benefit from the worldwide reach of more than 2 million customers on the Sedo marketplace.
  • Even more coverage by SedoMLS, the only global partner sales network for domains.
  • Our Domain Brokers are among the most successful in the entire industry – and will search the globe to find the right buyers for you
  • Individual Auction Events maximize the value of your new gTLD domain

How we establish your gTLD as a permanent market presence

Globally extensive Sedo marketplace

The perfect location for your domain offers: more than 2 million customers and the world's largest number of domain sales.

Rely on the market leader

More than 2 million customers use Sedo's services for buying and selling domain names. With Sedo marketplace's vast audience base you are just one click away from the ideal buyer.

Quick sales

Half of all domain sales worldwide are completed on the Sedo marketplace. We know how to bring a domain to the right buyer!

Auction events

Our premium auctions give your gTLD promotion a turbo boost, establishing a continuous revenue stream right off the bat.

Auction expertise from the market leader

Thanks to our many years of experience with auctions, we know how to selectively maximize a domain's value. This is why numerous registry partners collaborate with us to run successful Premium Domain Auctions. And with our certification process in place, these auctions are secure, attract serious bidders which ensures sales at maximum prices.

Obtain maximum prices

If instead you prefer a closed private auction only accessible to invite-only bidders, this can be easily arranged on our proven and user-friendly platform.

SedoMLS sales network

SedoMLS is like clicking the ultimate sales turbo button: with more than 650 international partners, you will achieve maximum coverage at a sales rate which is three times as fast.

More coverage at no cost

Our global SedoMLS sales network offers a unique advantage: Putting up your domain names for sale with the best registrars worldwide – and it's absolutely free! More security and coverage for your new gTLD names will pay off for you with higher turnovers.

Sell up to three times faster

With more than 650 registrar partners in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, China and many other countries, you can be sure that your gTLD will be among the world's most important markets. And it will sell up to three times faster!

Dedicated broker team

We selectively market your most valuable domain assets to buyers worldwide – and achieve the highest prices in the process.

Global domain brokerage

Although prospective buyers for your domains can be found all over the world, only Sedo can ensure that you complete the transaction with the right purchasers. It doesn't matter where they are living or which language they speak, our brokerage team speaks 25 languages and will negotiate for you on a global level.

Higher earnings for you

Sedo has brokered more high-value sales in the domain industry: our sale of holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive sale of a domain.

Why Sedo is the best partner for you

Your new gTLD will get off to the right start with us!

 Individual solutions

Individual solutions

Every TLD is different. We offer sales and marketing solutions especially tailored to your new domain suffix.

Global world view

New gTLDs make the Internet even more global. Only Sedo has the multi-lingual customer and marketing support to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Premium domain expertise

Our domain experts will identify your best premium domains manually using scientifically based methods.

SedoMLS partner network

Our gigantic partner network offers your domains on registrar sites all over the world helping provide your new TLD with more exposure and attention. 

Multilingual support

Our team of country managers offers direct customer support in 25 native languages.

Industry leader with an excellent reputation

We are part of the United Internet Group, TechCrunch. Heise and Bloomberg have used our expert opinions. Customers such as Ford and Microsoft buy domain names from us. Our partners are Neustar, Verisign and Afilias and we are in the Guiness Book of World Records for the highest-priced domain sale.