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2 Letter Domain Auction with the date January 20 - 27 and highlighted two letter domains

Domain names consisting of two letters (LL) are highly memorable due to the keyword’s brevity.

Anyone can memorize a two-letter combination, regardless of the top level domain (TLD) that it’s associated with. Tagging on the TLD to the domain creates a brand that is memorable, short, and can become associated with a wide range of products and services, or as a corporate name.


Two letters can form a word in many different languages. For example, si means “yes” in Spanish, with fe meaning “faith.” Several articles and interjections in English such as my, me, on, in, and by are formed by two letters.


For obvious reasons, two-letter .com domains sit at the top of the list, as far as popularity, scarcity, and value go. The oldest two-letter .com domain name is, registered in 1986 and owned by Hewlett-Packard.


They can (and have) sold for millions of dollars, and here at Sedo we can proudly share some of these sales that are not under confidentiality: : $1.2 million USD (2014) : $1 million USD (2019) : $607,406 USD (2020) : $186,000 USD (2011) : $105,999 USD (2011)


One should keep in mind that as time goes by, scarcity drives prices up but also letter quality can affect the domain name’s valuation.


The highest two-letter domain sale at Sedo is under confidentiality, reaching high seven figures!


Moving onto other TLDs, during  the decade spanning 2011 - 2021 there are several noticeable sales of two-letter domain names: : $142,205 USD (2021) : $117,015 USD (2018) : $95,000 USD (2015) : $77,051 USD (2012) : $75,607 USD (2020)


Statistically, the 5 most popular TLDs involved in two-letter domain sales were as follows:

.AT (Austria)
.DE (Germany)
.VC (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
.TV (Tuvalu)


It should be noted that .AT and .DE made it to the top positions only since the release of two-letter and two-digit domains by the Austrian and German registries, in 2016 and 2009 respectively.


The introduction of new, generic TLDs (gTLDs) a decade ago provides a unique opportunity to brand creators. With more than 1,000 new top level domains, getting a two-letter domain for your business, brand, or project is a great choice.


In a nutshell: History proves that two-letter domains can generate ample profit for their owners and form meaningful, short, and memorable brands.

At Sedo, we’re inviting you to participate in the upcoming week-long auction of two-letter domains, carefully curated by our staff.

Already more than 380 two-letter domain names have been added to our auction, which takes place from January 20th to January 27th.

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