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The Global Domain Report 2022 is ready with the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the domain industry.

The Global Domain Report 2022 is here!

Sedo and InterNetX have once again teamed up to deliver the Global Domain Report 2022, now in its third edition. The result is the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the domain industry and what to expect for the future of this thriving industry. According to Hakan Ali, CMO & CSO at InterNetX & Sedo, 2021 was a sensational year with “4 million domains registered and an increase of 15% in domain sales.” 


While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presented the global economy and people around the world with a number of challenges, the domain industry continued to move forward without any sign of slowing down, benefitting from the further push for digitalization, embracing new trends and opening doors to new applications.


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The insights from the domain industry

Our Global Domain Report offers valuable insights into the status quo of the domain industry, showing the latest developments, tendencies and trends and offering a view on potential market and business opportunities. The domain industry continued to post record-breaking numbers in 2021, as confirmed by Thomas Mörz, CEO at InterNetX: “2021 was another outstanding year for the domain industry. Our premium and market sales skyrocketed by 173%.” For example, the ccTLD .de, one of the most successful domain extensions worldwide, reached the milestone of 17 million registered domains. Meanwhile domain prices in the aftermarket grow exponentially. Altogether, the industry stands at 364.4 million registered domains across all top-level domains, a slight decrease of 0.5% from the pandemic-supported peak the year before. The report includes the chapter “Central facts & figures”, which takes a look at the key data and facts across all TLDs, while also laying the foundation for a deep dive into the industry in the “Deep insights” chapter. We also take a look at the aftermarket, a segment when according to Michael Robrock, CEO at Sedo.com “the greater demand for domains has led to an increase in domain prices, especially for premium domains”.


Our focus topics: NFT, crypto and blockchain

If there is one undeniable constant in the market, it is that everything is ever-changing. With the rise of NFTs, domains have experienced a new hype as objects of investment and speculation. We decided to look at controversial trends and developments that impacted the industry in 2021. From the blockchain to NFTs and the metaverse, these trending topics form the heart of our new “Focus topics” chapter.


Today, perhaps more than ever, a domain name is a very real digital asset for companies of all sizes.


You can download the Global Domain Report 2022 here.