Strong brands, strong domains

Which companies are utilizing premium domains?

For companies, the domain name is like a figurehead. There are both strong ones and weak ones. Strong domain names are identified as such when they are easy to understand and easy to remember. These are usually short domains that consist of one or a maximum of two descriptive terms or keywords. Users then intuitively attach the appropriate domain extension, also called top-level domain, such as .com or .net or a country code top level domain such as .uk or .us.


The bigger the brand, the more important the domain. If you are a coffee producer, for instance, you would opt to go with However, you know that you aren’t the only coffee supplier and competition exists among many more producers worldwide. But there is only one domain name. Those who own this domain are, so to say, in a pole position and already have a leg up on their fellow competitors. The company with this domain would essentially "occupy" the coffee space online. So owning such a strong domain is good for the brand’s image, provides a consumer confidence boost, is easy to remember and ensures high rankings in search engines - for users who are looking for "coffee " or coffee-related products. Big and well-known brands recognized this advantage early on, and have sought to have the best descriptive domain that illustrates their product, service or offer.


The following is a list of companies and well-known brands that use this domain strategy and have secured one of these highly sought-after descriptive domains. This list is always being updated and is constantly expanding, so it’s beneficial to check it regularly.


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Premium Domains of Brands

Company / Brand Domain
Bank of America
Captain Morgan