Startups continue to trend towards absurd names

What makes a good domain name and how should it factor into the overall decision on a company name


Over most of Sedo’s history, we have tirelessly stressed what makes a good domain name and how it should factor into the overall decision on a company name. But even so there are still plenty of instances of bad or even downright comical selections being made. Recently, crunchbase featured an article which showcased how the latest wave of Startups being funded are gravitating towards stranger and stranger names. It leads one to question why they aren’t listening to experts in conjunction with potential customers and choosing a name that is short, remarkable and applies standard practices?

A big takeaway from the Crunch Base article is that in hearing some of those names, you aren’t immediately able to grasp what the company’s business is all about. When naming something for success it is important to have at least a keyword, a premium word or a domain extension that describes what the function of your business or product serves. That will save you time and money in having to create awareness on your product or company’s purpose because it will already be spelled out in the name.


Take the web-based delivery service for example. This name gives no indication as to what’s it being offered or that they can provide same day delivery of goods to customers. Instead you’re left scratching your head as to what this name could mean and you probably will not investigate unless there’s serious marketing dollars being spent to persuade you otherwise. The name itself is unique and fun but when it comes to making a business thrive and be successful you want the most clarity and transparency from your name.

At the end of last year we explored how Startups are venturing off into greener pastures by trying to utilize new gTLDs more and more. This can be an effective strategy especially since many .com versions of the same names would eat up too much of their already strained marketing budgets. But this only plays out effectively if names are chosen with consideration to the tried and true principles of domain marketing for powerful branding.

Startups are only continue to grow in number and size but with that comes the challenge of surviving and being profitable in an extremely competitive landscape. A huge factor in being successful comes with securing a name that immediately identifies your product, brand or service. And at the very least, you need to avoid names that include typos or drops vowels on purpose. A well thought-out name puts you on the path to prosperity while saving you millions in marketing for an otherwise confusing concept.


Take it from us, keeping it simple yet creative can will pay off in the future!