10 Golden Rules for Successful Domain Marketing

Powerful Branding with Domain Marketing: How to earn more Revenue, increase Visitor Numbers and Brand Awareness with the right Domain Name

46 percent of U.S. small businesses still don’t have a website for their company. Without a website, these businesses are missing the most critical piece to their overall success. No matter what the company size – when no online presence exists, users are unable to find your products, services and offerings.


Domain names form the basis of a business’s digital identity. If you rely on nothing more than a Facebook page or an Instagram account you will become overly dependent on a single outlet and risk the success of your business on the popularity of a specific platform.


A domain name is much more than just a sign above a storefront. It plays an immensely important role in a business’s marketing strategy, as it is used as the basis for measuring success in relation to many marketing goals. Domain marketing is not just about ensuring that you have an internet presence with just any URL: your highest priority should be which domain name is used, and how.

10 Golden Rules for Successful Domain Marketing

1. First impressions count
2. Domain name and brand must align
3. Consider domains in your plans for international expansion
4. Create buzz before a launch
5. Save on advertising costs with a good domain
6. Stand out with a new TLD
7. Avoid embarrassing domain name mishaps
8. Domain + Authority
9. Be an industry leader with category killer domains
10. Don’t throw in the towel